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Welcome to the fascinating world of The Age of Lost Innocence, a series of epic fantasy novels created by author, Damian M. Salo. This on-going series was envisioned in 2002 and further developed over the years with the release of his first novel titled, Theory of Balance in 2009. This novel takes the reader on an epic journey to the Holy Land and focuses on the building of its storied characters and fantasy world (similar to the Hobbit), which is carried over into the next several novels taking place four years later when the characters are rejoined to fight for the common good of mankind as evil prevails over the land (Lord of the Rings). The second installment to this series is currently in development and is set for release in 2016 and boasts 700 pages. The focus of the next several novels focuses on Damyen, Kiaran and Liviu who transverse the world with their spiritual father, Elder Emeral, as they work to stop the brutal emperor, Nico Donyan, in his quest for worldly dominion. Along the way the characters experience love and adventure, pain and loss-- discovering that their quest is more than just a physical battle but a spiritual one as they come face to face with their own demons...their fears.

News: The Age of Lost Innocence eBook has recently been updated to correct several formatting issues on varying ebook readers. The update also includes the prologue to the upcoming novel to the series!!! We hope you enjoy.

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